After growing up with poor health care, my teeth were not in the best of shape once I hit adulthood and they were especially not white teeth like the ones you see that use a teeth whitening gel. I was never confident in my smile and this really affected my self-esteem and my ability to date and be confident when I went out in public. After a while, I began to give up on ever having a perfect smile. However, I heard about a dental procedure from my co-worker at work called veneers.

My friend told me to check it out, so I decided to do some research online regarding this subject matter. I learned that dental veneers are caps essentially placed over your existing teeth in order to perfect your smile without the need of gaudy metal braces. I was really interested in learning more about this, so I decided to find a dentist in my area that specialized in this procedure.

I went ahead and made an appointment, and was informed that the visit would actually be free as this particular dentist offered a free consultation to discuss the process of getting veneers placed. I was very excited, and went ahead and wrote all of the questions that I could think of pertaining to this subject before the appointment time. This way I was prepared to ask whatever I needed to in that one visit.

The award winning dentist explained to me the procedure, what would occur, as well as other logistics such as the cost as well as what to expect afterwards in terms of down time and other essential instructions. I was very pleased to know that all of the veneers could be placed and fitted in just one visit. I would be walking out with a brand new smile that very same day.

Overall, I am very glad that I decided to follow my friend’s advice and go see a dentist about this procedure. I went ahead and financed the porcelain dental veneers and could not be happier with the overall result. I am in love with my new brand new smile. I am so confident and I walk around with such a smile on my face all of the time. My best advice to you would be to go check it out, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain in the long run.